*Sigh* Hard drive....

Hi Friends, I've been a little MIA these last few days.  Report cards were due today, and I was slaving away on them.  Last night as I went to my computer to finish them, my hard drive decided to crash. ugh.  Thank goodness I'm married to a computer programmer.  He managed to recover all of our files and save them to an external hard drive.  Now, we just need to wait for the new hard drive to come.  So....blogging might be lacking over the next few days.  I can't stand using blogger for posts, I really prefer Windows Live Writer!  I have a Seuss post all ready to go for you guys, but I couldn't get it uploaded before the hard drive crashed (I knew there was something wrong....)  So, hang tight, I'll get it up as soon as I can.

This week we are doing a mini-unit on bugs - that unit is ALMOST finished for you all - just a few finishing touches. We are also exploring our new classroom pets - ISOPODS (totally not bugs!).  More on that in another post ;)

Next week is all about St. Patrick's Day!  My family is very Irish, and this holiday is a HUGE deal for us.  In case you missed the posting of my St. Pats unit - you can find it here.

Hope that hard drive comes soon!!!


  1. You should totally find the song Roly Poly by Roger Day for your kids to listen to in class. It mentions isopods! I think it is on youtube.

  2. oh man!! That stinks!! I am glad that your husband could fix it!! Thank goodness for husbands!! :D


  3. Yes do Roly Poly, my kinders love it!!! Liz

  4. Can you give more info about Live Writer? Is it something you play for? I am often frustrated with blogger too. Wondering if Live Writer is something I should try! Thanks! Love your blog!

    1. Live writers is only available for pc's - so if you're on a mac, you're out of luck! Just google it and download it -- it makes life so much easier!

  5. Phewwwwwww!!! So glad it got recovered!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am your newest follower - I came for your calendar songs and discovered you have so many other wonderful resources and ideas here, too! Thank you so much for sharing what you do!


  7. Oh, my gosh! It’s always so frustrating when the hard drive crashes. Basically, the rest of the computer becomes unusable because the hard drive holds most of the programs that run on the computer. Lucky you to have a computer programmer in the house and you were able to recover and back up your files. I have taken to backing up my most important files on an external hard drive that I use for nothing else but the important files and documents, just in case something happens to my hard drive.

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