Back it up…

I am SOO behind in posting!  Here’s a quick peek from some literacy centers from a few (okay a lot) weeks back!

These little shakers are from Lakeshore Learning – I don’t think they make them anymore, but rice and letter beads in a bottle will work equally as good!


This center came from Julie and Deanna’s Back to School center pack.


This beginning sound activity also came from Julie and Deanna.


For this center, the kiddos used the Lakeshore alphabet stampers.  They stamped the latter and then crossed it out on their sheet.


This one came from Julie and Deanna’s pack as well!


This wasn’t a center activity, we did it as a whole group activity when I was in a meeting.  The kiddos did awesome! The idea came from Kim Adsit’s Going to School Pack.  This is a great one to keep in your sub tub – it keeps the kiddos engaged and is easy for the substitute!  IMG_2053

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  1. Love that you are "back" Missed you!! Beginning & End of a school year are just the busy busy busy times of the year!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Sarah Hetrick

  2. Great ideas, thanks for sharing! You have awesome stations. I need to get some playdough stampers. I have the letter cookie cutters, but my kids get bored. I just love the letter house!

  3. The letter house is great! I feel sooo behind too!! We'll get caught up soon enough :)

  4. I'm totally in love with your ideas and blog. It gets me thinking! I'm loving the foam dice you have. Where did you get the foam dice? It could have a million uses. Thx.