Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shut the door! Sale Extended!

sale extended


Growing Kinders

Would you like to see it in the “new and improved” format?
click {HERE!}

Kim Adsit

Deanna Jump


Did you find my monster freebie?  It’s a big one! Come back and tell me what you think of it!

Here is another freebie for you!

Laurie, one of my sweet readers, asked me to make some labels  for her Zero the Hero book! She is copying the pages and putting them in a 3-prong folder.  Here are the labels I made for her (Avery 5163)


And another set if you want some that are a bit bigger.  (You’ll have to cut these out and glue them on though!)


Don’t have a Zero the Hero pack yet?  Find it {HERE}

7 Notes to the Teacher:

Rachelle said...

Did you have to? Really? Ok! Shhhhh....don't tell my husband :)

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

Is there a separate coupon code for the TpT 10% off sale? Thanks!

Kathleen said...

The coupon code for the additional 10% off is B1T1S

sspeller said...

I downloaded the monster set and it is ADORABLE! My sister and I both already use this story at the beginning of the year with our Kindergarteners, but now we have all kinds of fabulous activities to go with it. Thanks!

Ms. Nicole's Class said...

I found your monster freeebie!!! Awesome!!!! I can't wait to use it in class next week! Thx!

James said...


The code, BITIS, is not working. Any ideas??


Kathleen said...

Are you using the code B (one) T (one) S?

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