Plants and Seeds

Wow, I can’t believe I am going back to April for postings!  How crazy is that?! Obviously I was busy writing my final paper at that time and had no time to do anything else!

So, here is a glimpse of what we did in our classroom when we learned about plants and seeds!

We made our adorable Plant Books – the kids used these crayons to decorate the cover:



I love how they make the colors just POP on construction paper.  They are also fun to add to the art center every now and then to spice things up a bit!


We read lots of fiction and non-fiction books this week about plants and seeds.  One of my favorite authors, Kevin Henkes, has this BEAUTIFUL story:


I love, love, love, love, love this book! His illustrations are stunningly beautiful and I love how imaginative it is!

After we read, we brainstormed what OUR gardens would look like if they could grow anything we wanted.  Here is a sample of their writing:

DSCN0919 DSCN0918

DSCN0920 DSCN0921

DSCN0923 DSCN0922

DSCN0925 DSCN0924

DSCN0926    DSCN0927


Here are some pictures of our plant journals.  We included observations about our plants, things we learned, as well as story responses.


Here are our sweet little plants we planted.  Each child got to pick their own seed, but they didn’t get to see which pack it came from.  They made predictions of which plant they think they planted.  These sweet little labels came from Kim Adsit’s pack.




We pulled miniatures out of a can and wrote the word next to the correct long vowel.  Don’t ‘cha just love the Lakeshore Miniatures?!  DSCN0826

This page came from my blogging buddy Julie Lee.  She is a total rock star! I get a lot of ideas from her.  The cute little carrots were found at the dollar tree.  This center we found was quite challenging for some kiddos, so I put a green mini-dot on the back of the first letter and a red mini-dot on the back of the last letter.  Simplified things a bit for those that were having a tough time.


Another great center inspired by Julie.  The children chose a fruit or a veggie and write a sentence using that sight word.  Can you spot what’s missing from this sentence? Winking smile


At this center the kids chose a stamp and filled in the missing vowel sound.  DSCN0829

This one came from Julie as well.  The kids matched up the flower pot blend to the correct picture.


Most of these centers were inspired by or from Julie over at Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten.


Counting by 10s with watermelons.  DSCN0849

Adding with fruits and veggies.




Coin values and coin combinations.


Practicing with time to the hour and half-hour. 

Some other ideas: (These are from the head start room down the hall!)


Aren’t these just lovely?  They look so pretty hanging from the ceiling!



  1. I have seen some cute art projects with the construction paper crayons! Where can you buy them? I have never seen them at my Wal Mart. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am not sure where they are from - we can order them from our district supply place. Sorry - maybe Michaels?

  3. ohhh!! I that Ms. Lee!! She is just a ROCK star!! How did your students make the flowers at the end!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! We got "yelled" at a few years back about hanging things from the ceiling, but I got brave this spring!! Game on next year!! I just LOVE the way it WARMS a classroom!!

    Thanks for being soo inspiring!!
    Sarah Hetrick

  4. Thanks for posting! Super cute stuff!

    <>< Crystal

  5. I tried to follow your blog but the icon is gone. I think blogger is having issues. I love your blog! I put it on mine for blogs to follow!

    <>< Crystal

  6. Hi Crystal - I think Blogger is having some issues that the follow's been kinda funny for a couple of weeks! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll though!

  7. YOU rock!! Love the tissue paper flowers at the end!! SO have to do that next year. Please share your other plant things with me so I can add them to my plant folder!! Love it!

  8. I have just discovered your blog thru the list of Top 50 K blogs. I can see why you're in the list!!! CONGRATS!!!!

    I am an author/illustrator w a blog of my travels, seeking to circulate it to a wider audience of teachers..... so I thought I'd learn from the best. I see I have a lot to learn.

    Keep up the great work & inspiration.

    LOVE seeing the K-kids writing.

  9. LOVE YOUR BLOG...... Thank you soooo much! From a first time kinder teacher... you are a blessing! I wish I could have some of your printables! :) My whole room theme is gardening....!!!
    :) <3

  10. can you please tell me how you made the hanging flowers? They are beautiful and I want to have our kindergarden class make those for our end of year party (yes, I'm trying to be ahead of the game!) Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  11. I didn't make those flowers - our head start classroom did :) I can imagine they used tag to cut out the flower shape - glued tissue paper squares on those, did the same with the leaf - glued the two together. For the center, I bet they just glittered up a circle and glued it on! They were SOOO pretty hanging from the ceiling!