Sharing this BEAUTIFUL board that one of our reading para’s made – she is UBER talented! Read last night’s post and you’ll see why I titled this post “ha!”
But this one keeps me going….
(summer HAS to be around the corner!!)
(and it’s actually 25 days now!)
I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with my morning work schedule and some goodies for you!


  1. Ok Kathleen - Ya gotta "give!" Freehand drawing OR is there some little people "pattern" out there to use?!?!? I have to do this - it's sooooo F.U.N.N.Y!!! I think it will help keep our (teachers - that is) sanity to see the "countdown" and "crazy kids" (OR is that the teachers!!!) hanging "by a thread!"

  2. Everything is freehand! She is quite an amazing artist! And, yes, it does keep our sanity - she puts it up every year. This is the first year it's been across from my room (they moved classrooms) and it is a welcome addition!!

  3. I love it! I'm trying to figure out if I could draw this. I might try it and see what I can come up with.