Thanksgiving Centers & Turkeys in Disguise

We had a lot of fun with our Thanksgiving centers over the past couple of weeks! It makes my heart so happy when the children love to practice what we are learning during whole group at centers!  These are centers that I’ve used for a couple of years now, but if it isn’t broken, why fix it?!


These next few math centers are part of a new center pack that I am working on.  I have quite a few activities done, but I’m testing some out to see how my kiddos enjoy them.  I hope to have them finished soon! (Said the girl who hasn’t finished any pack in a LONG time!)


Remember that sentence reconstruction pack I told you about a few weeks ago? The one that I was SUPPOSED to finish?  Well, this is one of the activities in it.  I never finished it :(.  I’ve started and not finished and October pack, a November pack, and a December pack! Someone tell me to finish! ha!



 IMG_3294This is another pocket chart center we did this week.


The children keep their response sheet in their book boxes so they can practice reading the sentence during our read to self time.



I have 2 write the room centers for literacy centers this time around.  For the first they searched for sight words, and the second was ABC order from Cara’s November Write On pack.


And we always have a math write the room!


This is a sequencing center – we counted by 10s this time around.


Turkeys in disguise is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving projects! My families really did a great job with this activity and the children are so excited to share and talk about their creations!


The writing project is from one of my all time favorite bloggers – April from Chalk Talk.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you MUST.  She is always SPOT ON for what kindergarten children need.  I LOVE the simplicity of her activities.  Chalk Talk is the first Kindergarten blog I found over 3 years ago, and she totally inspired me to start my blog.  Please go over and check out her blog!


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  1. The K classes in one of my schools did "Turkeys in Disguise", too! I LOVED coming out of my room and seeing all of the different, very creative "turkeys"!

  2. We did Turkeys in Disguise too! I got some amazing turkeys this year. I love the writing. I think I will add that next year.


  3. Do you have the compare numbers domino sheet available to download?


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