October Calendar Book

Well, the month is over, and I guess I’m SUPER slow in getting up pictures of my October Calendar book.

So, here goes!

Our October song:


We sing this song too:



Then our monthly page… it’s difficult to see, but we crossed out one penny for every day of the week and then sang our penny song.photo

And our weather tracker….the children LOVE this page.  Before we do this page, we check the temperature and draw it on the thermometer on our IWB (if you are an Everyday Math user, you’ll know about this thermometer!) The kids cheer when we reach another color.


Our digital date is always right about our daily schedule.  Writing it every day in our calendar binders have really helped the kids notice it and also write it on their daily writing, and some are even writing it on their daily work!


We choose a “number of the day” and tally it…photo_3

Write it in ten frames….photo_4

and write about what comes before and after.  We use our growing number line for this as well.  This has also helped the kiddos be more aware of the resources around them.


EVERYDAY we count up to the day of school we are on.  The kids never tire of this!  (Psst…our 50th day is on MONDAY! yippee!)photo_6

We also add one dot to our 10 frame for counting days in school.  photo_7

We had ZERO birthdays in October!photo_8

I do  my daily calendar on my Interactive White Board.  I pretty much just insert the calendar pages into a flipchart and then add a bit of interactivity to it.  One day, I’ll try to take pictures of the flipchart for you!  If you have an IWB and don’t know how to make flipcharts, I HIGHLY suggest finding a class you can take! In the meantime, you can check out Promethean Planet for some great tutorials.

If you have any questions about my calendar routine, post away and I’ll try to answer them!

Good luck today in your crazy classroom!


  1. I purchased your calendar this summer and have been using it throughout September and October. My kids' math skills are soaring this year! They get really excited about the pattnerning...every child in class can make and label almost any pattern now. Probably the best thing I've purchased on TPT! Thanks so much!

  2. Do you use these new pages now instead of the activity page in your calendar pack that had most of these on one page? If so, which do you like better?

  3. Is this in one of your TPT books?
    If so, which one?
    Thanks so much.

  4. @Megan - I really like both ways - I wanted to test this out this year too. It's worked well with this group of kids - I have 26 in my room versus 17/18 last year, so this format it a bit smoother :)

    @Beth - Yes, it's my "It's Calendar Time" daily calendar book!

  5. About how much time does it take for you to do this with your students? My big problem is fitting everything in a short amount of time. Any ideas?

  6. @CRobinson - right now it takes about 15 minutes! We sing A LOT during calendar - I make up little songs as we go along, so that keeps the students engaged and attentive. Some days we might be quicker, some days we might be slower! All in all, my morning routine (calendar, daily news, and usually some type of quick game or activity) takes about 30-40 minutes depending on how quickly we get started in the morning!

  7. Kathleen, Do you have the alphahardy page? :-)

  8. I am loving your calendar! {and so does my class!} :)