Gingerbread Part 3!

Yes, I know this is a bit late, but file it away for next year!  We kept it simple this last week, since we did have a 4 day week!!

Literacy Centers:


The kids drew a peppermint from the candy jar and used real candy peppermints to push out the sounds in the word – sorry, you can’t see the peppermint mat in the picture!


This was a super simple beginning sound dice game.  The kids just rolled the dice and wrote the beginning sound.


Keeping it super simple with Julie Lee’s sound sort.


This center also game from Julie.  The kiddos flipped over the tree cookies with a spatula and wrote the beginning sound of the picture on the reverse side.

Here’s the graph that we did for our “what part did you eat” lesson.


This was SUCH a hit!  I have been using Julie Lee’s “Build your Rainbow” positive reinforcement system since the beginning of the year.  I love it, and the kids love building their rainbow.  For the last week before break, I thought we could up the anty a bit.  Throughout the week the children could earn pieces to their gingerbread boy or girl!  They loved it! Kids that had lost their interest in building rainbows were suddenly much better behaved.  On Thursday, I made sure everyone had all of their pieces on their gingerbread by the end of the day.  I’m already brainstorming other themes that I can use throughout the year!


This is the gift that the children brought home to their parents.  We made the snowmen in art class and the handprint reindeer were a cinch to make. 


Here are our math centers for the week:


The children drew a gingerbread card from the basket and write the three numbers that came next. 


Here they counted the number of candies on the house and graphed their results.

IMG_2733 - 2

We sequenced numbers by 5s.


And we played a fun color word/number game from Julie Lee!

And here are the gingerbread retelling cards that I promised! I THINK all the cards are there – it’s been a while since I last looked at them – my brain has been on vacay! Would love to hear from you if you download them!



  1. Thank you for the retelling cards. I have filed them away for next year. I appreciate it!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the retelling cards, love them!! Thanks!!!

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  4. Oh My Gosh...these are wonderful.
    I love that each book is represented.
    THe kids will love these.
    Thank you for your kindness in sharing so many wonderful things for FREE:)

  5. Definitely a "must use" for next year! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I love these. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to use them next December! Happy New Year!

  7. These are great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thank you so much! The cards are wonderful!!

  9. Thanks for sharing. These are great.

  10. Thank you SO much for all of your amazing ideas!!! Is there any way that I could get the "What comes next?" paper? We are focusing on the number line and number sequencing right now and that would be so helpful!
    Thank you and Happy New YEar!

  11. I love all your gingerbread ideas! Thanks for the retelling cards in particular!!!!!!!

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