Creative Slump!

Okay, just to give you a warning…this post is a hot mess.  Phew. I am all over the place.  I think that’s how I’m feeling these days! With that being said, have you ever been in a creative slump?  Oh my goodness – my creative juices are running L.O.W.!  I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a theme for the year (which I’ve never done, and this is probably why!).  First, it was “magic.”  Then, I backed off …magic can be a little iffy in schools.  Then I thought I had it, detectives and mystery!  I had all these slogans thought of, and Deanna came up with a few awesome ones for me too, but now I’m just not feeling it!  So, I’m stuck.  I need a back to school bulletin board and an idea for my name word wall.  Last year, I did this: 


“Cruising through Kindergarten with my friends!”

My current thought is: “Peace, Love, Kindergarten” – I think I could do a pretty simple bulletin board for the hall (because, let’s face it…we all have lots more important things to do than spend hours on a board that’s going to get torn down!) Here’s the inspiration:


**UPDATE:  Freebie from my TpT store for the first person to tell me what the font on the t-shirt is!**

I think my name wall could be “I Love my Friends” or something of the sort…

Sheesh…slumpy, right?

So, HELP ME!  Ideas, anyone?

One more question…I am going to do a focus wall this year. I’ve never done one before, but I think it will help to keep my teaching on track and keep the kids focused on what they’re learning.  For those of you that do them, what do you put on them?  So far, I have sight words, amazing words (vocab words from our reading series), alphabet, math….

I also have a really neat behavior plan that I want to share with you.  It’s from Aloha Kindergarten.  I. LOVE.IT  It works so well with our schools PBS (um, RTI-B) plan.  I am totally doing it this year!

Source: Aloha Kindergarten

{HERE} is the blog post that explains the CHAMPs system.

AND – I’ve had lots of requests for a new back to school problem solving pack.  I’m going to TRY to work on it this week!  I also have some more calendar downloads for you too!  Keep checking back!


  1. Since your Blog name is growing kinders why not do something with Sprouts? or blossom? I know it sounds cheesy but they are sprouts? hope this helps with some inspiration

  2. I love peace love kindergarten. It's very in right now too. My daughter can't resist a peace sign right now. I have pics of my reference wall on my blog. It has shapes, colors, student names, sight words, among other things. I can't imagine you being in a slump. It will pass. You are amazing!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  3. Peace.Love.Kinder

    I LOVE IT! :) They have SOOO much "peace" stuff at teacher stores right now. It could be a 70's theme!
    I found some cute ideas on

    "Kindergarten is Groovy"


    "Hustle into Kindergarten!"

    "Grove into Kindergarten's Funky Town"

  4. I think the Peace, Love, Kindergarten theme is so cute. For your word wall you could use the title : Groovy Words. You could also ease your way into a theme with a few bulletin boards and add on throughout the year.

    Rambling About Reading

  5. I think the Peace Love Kindergarten shirt is adorable! Would be a great theme!
    And I think the font is Brady Bunch or 3 Hour Tour!
    Good Luck...from another friend in a slump...I need to go to my room..but YUCK! there is too much to do!

  6. I love your theme and I also love CHAMPS! I have used it for three years now and it really does help. Is the font called COUNTRYHOUSE?

  7. Hmm. Does it use more than one font? Some of the a's are different styles.

    I think the font for the "Kindergarten" part may be Nerwyn NF.

  8. I think the font is Floraless. It is very similar to the student camp logo we use at my church. I love the peace, love, and kindergarten idea. Very cute :)

  9. I think it is the Brady Bunch font....I love your ideas!!

  10. I think Kristi is right the font is Floraless and you can find it here: FOR FREE!

    How about a garden, with flowers growing, a rainbow, cloud, sun & a big heart. The title can be "Peace & Love in Kindergarten". Like Mrs. W said you could even add a smaller title, "Sprouting up a new Kinder Garden".

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  11. Kathleen.
    My problem is always the opposite! My brain won't stop churning out ideas and so I have a hard time focusing. :) My theme is "A Great Adventure in K!"
    It is a theme that generates a lot of variables. I have had the theme for 18 years and I do not grow tired of it. Of course it looks different every year. :)

  12. I'm feeling the slump too! Only mine is confusion on how I want my room to look. Should I put the calendar on my bulletin board or use that for my focus wall? Or maybe I should use that for Daily 5? I've moved everything around 100 times! UGH!

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