Thanksgiving, part two

More gobbling fun yesterday and today! One more day of school for the week – as long as the snow doesn’t stop us! (And in North Dakota, it NEVER does!)
We started off the week reading:
Even though the pictures in this book are illustrations, we still decided that this is a non-fiction book because it gives us many interesting facts about turkeys!
We continued by making a tree map about turkeys:
The children wanted to keep adding facts about the turkey long after we were finished! My favorite was turkeys are “yummy.” (I was thinking that, but a kiddo actually said it!”
We created this pie graph from Deanna Jump’s Thanksgiving Unit.  There is a student response page to go with this as well, but we didn’t get time to get to it! Bummer!
One of our reading para’s did this activity with some of our kindergarten kiddos.
Here are a few of our turkeys in disguise.  This was a family project that the children did.
We read this book:
We sequenced it as we read with our “large” old lady.  (the kids really got a kick out of her!!)
Then we drew pictures of every thing she ate and sequenced it ourselves.
We made special handprint poems for our mom’s and dad’s:
(idea from a friend)

We read, “Where Is Mr. Turkey” from Kim Adsit’s Thanksgiving Pack and circled sight words.
And, we read this adorable book:
We started this shared writing, but haven’t finished it yet!
Phew….busy, busy days!!

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