My Favorite Apple Activities

I LOVE fall.  We are having an exceptionally warm fall this year, and I am LOVING it!  The trees are slowly changing to beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red.  The mums are blooming beautifully, and the nights are cool and crisp. 

When I taught Kindergarten, I always loved kicking off the year with an apple study.  Our science curriculum in first grade is a bit more heavy, so I’m not able to do as much as I like.  We focus heavily on the life cycles of insects through inquiry, but I still love to review the life cycles of pumpkins and apples with the kiddos. 

Here are some of my favorite books to read during our apple unit:





I loved making this class art activity after we read The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree.  Kim Adsit shared this activity during on of her sessions and I do it in one way or another every year.

Here are a couple of charts that we did when learning about the life cycle and parts of an apple:

The pictures are on velcro, so the kids can mix them up and sequence them in the correct order.


Again, the parts are on velcro!



I also loved to fill my center drawers with fun apple themed centers! Here are some of my favorites:










Most of these apple activities can be found in these two packs.  I’ve put them on sale for today only (Sunday, 9/27) if you’re interested!

Apples! Math and Literacy Centers It's Fall Y'all! {Seasonal Math and Literacy Activities}

On Friday, we also did a fun directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed! The children are not quite finished with these, but when they are I will snap a picture! I followed the directions from this amazing pack:

Directed Drawings for the Entire School Year: A Growing Bundle

What are your favorite apple activities?  I would love to hear – leave a comment below!