Mother’s Day Kiss Box

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me.  Perhaps it’s because dance recital week is always the week before, and with two girls dancing, it consumes my life! But, alas, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and I wanted to share with you a couple of fun ideas that I have used with my kindergarten kiddos.

We spend the week working with this book:

We create our own kiss boxes to give to our mom’s.



The children write little love notes to their mom’s and keep them safe in their kiss boxes.

We also complete some pages from my supplemental Kiss Box pack.

kisses for mom supplemental

kisses for mom

If you’re interested in purchasing either one of these units, just click on the images below.


In the past, we’ve also made these adorable bracelets – make with Shrinky Dink paper! I love Shrinky Dinks!


I think we’ll make these this year too:

Source: Unknown

This one is really fun too:

Source: One Project Closer

Have a super Sunday afternoon!

I'm learning how precious Sundays are when it comes to recharging and preparing my heart for the week ahead.


  1. The kiss box is a new favorite!!! Adorable.

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