Book About Love

I’ve got nothing for you today.  I’m tired.  {Not just because it was the 50th day}, but I’m just exhausted.  These 26 sweet kinders  I’m working on some new things, just can’t finish them.  *sigh*

So, I’ll leave you tonight with these thoughts about love from my 6 year old.


Love you all.  Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

(PS -  not sure what’s going on with “will” – I think she was thinking faster than she was writing! ha!)


  1. Sister... you are preachin' to the choir! Hang in there! :) NEVER has there been a post that I related to more!!!!

  2. Hugs sweet friend.....take care of you too!!

    Love makes the world go round....

  3. You are NOT alone! Here's a smile and a hug! :)

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