Practicing Coin ID with QR Codes

I’ve been playing around a bit with QR codes in the classroom over the last few weeks.  It’s really been a trial and error type thing! 

The children really enjoy using the iPads to scan the QR codes and see what pops up!

As is typical (it seems) for me this year, I don’t have many pictures!! So sorry!photo

My plan was to use the QR codes in my favorite foam dice, but the children were having trouble scanning the shiny surface, so we ended up just taking the cards out and laying them upside down on the table.  They would choose one, scan it, and then write the value. 

Yes, there are 6 cards and only 4 coins!  Two of the cards are links to quick you tube coin songs.  I also included the coin songs at the top of the paper so they can scan the QR codes at home.

If you would like to try this math activity at home you can download the file below! Let me know how it works for you!


Oh, one more thing – I added a couple of Mother’s Day activities to TpT if you’re interested!

kisses for mom supplemental

kisses for mom


  1. Wow! What a fabulous idea. I never would have thought to ever incorporate those little codes into the calssroom. Smart thinking!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. We are just getting started with QR codes, so thank you for the information and the QR Code Scan and Graph Coins. Looking forward to trying it.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  3. Hi Kathleen! I love using QR codes. I have some freebies on my blog with them:


  4. Thanks for sharing. We don't have iPads for kids at my school yet but looking into it for 2014. Very grateful for your ICT idea...will definitely file. Cheers :)

  5. Kathleen, what QR app did you use to read and make the codes? Heidi

  6. We make a very sweet hand out of clay holding flowers for Mother's day but I'm always looking for a safe way to get it home ( I've posted directions on my blog). This would be a wonderful place to store the hand and all the love that goes with it! Great idea. I LOVE your blog!

  7. If you do not have iPads or Tablets in your classroom you might think about using old phones you have laying around. We use phones that hit the wifi to play games and scan QR codes in my classroom. Last years phone can be this years learning device in your classroom.