Apple Centers

Here is my line-up of centers for this week!


The children are SO excited to be starting 10 frames – or 10 picture frames as one child called it! ha! At this center, they will make little apples with the apple scented play dough and fill in the ten frame – then copy that over to their recording sheet.


Here, they are using the Lakeshore letter stampers to stamp the beginning sound of the picture.


At this center, they are shaking the dice, counting the dots and dobbing the number.


Still working hard at that instant identification of the dot formation! We are also really trying hard to make numbers the correct way.


This is just a simple number sequencing activity.  They will color in a pattern when they are finished. (This is the only one that is not in my Apples unit – it is in the It’s Fall Y’All unit.


The children will use the IWB for this center.  They will count the apples on each tree and write it under the apple tree. 

(Cards are included in the unit – sorry I can’t include the flipchart in the unit because the clip art is not secured and it is against the artists terms of use)

IMG_4606   IMG_4607

At this center, the children will find their sight words around the room and trace them.  Eventually they will write the words themselves, but this is their first center with letter boxes!


This center will also be one on the IWB – they will spin a spinner with beginning sound pictures and dob the correct letter.

(The spinner is included in the unit – sorry I can’t include the flipchart in the unit because the clip art is not secured and it is against the artists terms of use)


At this center, the children will pull an apple from the basket, say the letter and stamp the matching lowercase letter.  I am using apple cards that I had from a previous activity, but cards are included in the unit.


I’m super excited for this last literacy center!  I was awarded 5 iPads from a district grant for our Kindergarten classroom! The children don’t know yet, but they will be exploring literacy apps during center time this week! FUN!

All of these activities (except for one) are included in my Apples unit.

Here is a little activity that I used last year – hope you can use it!

apple freebie


  1. Love your centers. I especially like the cards you made for the letter stampers. I like the DAUBER activities too!

  2. Just sent this post to one of my Kindergarten friends! She will love peeking in on your classroom! I know I do! Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. You always have great activities! Love your stuff!!

    Jen's Kinder Kids
    Come by my blog to win SCENTOS markers!

  4. I use Ipads, too! I'd love to hear about the apps you are using.

    1. I'm still really exploring! I just got them on Thursday. We are restricted to only free apps, and there were already a lot on there. The children will explore with ABC apps this week - I'm sure they'll discover a whole lot more than me! (that are already on the ipad!)

  5. Love this unit!! I have one ipad to use in the classroom but I'm dying to get 4 more to use for a center! So jealous!! :)

    Gone Primary

  6. Hi Kathleen!
    Thanks for some more great ideas! I love using your stuff-you are so creative!! One question- are these ideas in this apple unit the same as the ones you displayed last year in October? I am looking to purchase the patterning idea! ANyway, I can't wait to use them! Now I need more ink for the printer!!
    Take care and have a good week!

    1. The patterning activity is in the It's Fall Y'all pack - you can either have the children color in the apples or purchase an apple die cut. :)

  7. Great ideas as always! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love your ideas. How do you get the apple scented playdough to be sooo red? I work with Pre-k and we are always using playdough. Mine never is that red. Thanks. Debra

    1. GEL food coloring! I had parents make this batch! They are awesome!!

  9. Hi,

    What is the name of the font that you use to make the letter boxes?


  10. I am so excited about your iPads. We are using 6 this year and I just wrote a grant for 9 more so I can have half a class set. I have a big compilation of apps. I am happy to share if you want. I love this unit! We are doing all these centers this week too:).

  11. I am dying to know how to make apple scented play-doh! ~nicole

  12. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate the time and effort it takes to keep a blog.

  13. Do you have an October song? I would be willing to buy all the songs on TPT! My kids LOVE them.


  14. I have 27 kinders this year. Thoughts on how you or any of the others writing in manage your centers. How do you go about introducing each new center/ how often do they switch/ how many do they do each day. HELP please :)


  15. Found the October song! Thanks so much!
    Shirley Short