Book Organization

First, sorry about all the hullabaloo on my background paper – I know it’s wonky! We’re working on a fix!

Last week, I showed you how I organized my center materials. Today, I am going to show you how I organize my books! It certainly isn’t anything spectacular, but it works for me!


Like, I said, nothing spectacular! I just use regular old bin and throw the theme books in there. 

I know books are a challenge figuring out how to organize them.  We all have too many, and space is always limited! I have a tiny room, but I am lucky enough to have a little storage room to store some of these things.  If I didn’t have a storage room, all of these tubs would either be on top of cabinets or at home in my garage!

I would love to hear how you manage and organize your books.  Like up below with a blog post you have written about how you organize your classroom books.  If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment!


  1. How do you get all your bigger books in the tubs? Some of my Dr. Seuss books and other hardbacks wouldn't fit. Do you use various size containers?? :) My post is from last July when I organized my library...but you get the picture! Thanks for being so helpful and inspiring!
    Eberhart’s Explorers

    1. Some of them don't fit, and then I put them in a different container that I'll show you later on this week ;) Thanks for the link-up! :)

  2. I don't have a post yet, because I just started my blog. However, I just worked on my book organization. I separate my books by category and place them in gallon Zip-lock bags that are labeled by the category. Sometimes I might have to have more than one bag with the same label depending on how many books I have in that group. Once they are in bags, I put them in a big container that easily fits in the bottom of my closet. I am able to get six containers in my closet under the shelves. I pull the container that I need out and just grab the bag I need. For example one bag might be all books about Christmas so I would pull it out at the beginning of December. I use an Excel sheet that I created to show what books I have and where they can be found. This makes it so much easier, and I don't end up buying duplicates of the same book.

    1. What a great idea to create a spreadsheet! I know I have MANY multiples of books!!!

  3. I have a great shelf in my closet, so I bought a bunch of those magazine holders at IKEA. They were super cheap (6/$1) and then I label each one with the books that are inside. Most of the books fit, and the few that are too big I put between the magazine holders so that I can find them easily.


    My personal books are sorted on a bookshelf. I have used my label maker to label the bottom of the shelf under the books by month / theme which ever applies best to the books. I also have a shelf of resource books. It mostly helps me when I want to PUT THE BOOKS AWAY! eek! I get in the most trouble then. It also helps me to look super organized when someone comes in looking for a book on a given topic! It worked pretty good last year. However, my issue is my student books -- how to teach them to put them away correctly w/o all the drama! Project 101 part L this summer!! lol.

    Great thread! Cant wait to see how others organize the materials!!

  5. I have been using baskets but I love the tubs so much better. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I linked up but I may have broken blog etiquette!! Is it okay that my post takes them to a guest post I did? If it's not please take it off. I don't want to break any rules and I just don't know them all yet!

    With that said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I've been a silent stalker up until this point. Hehe! You are so creative and come up with the cutest and niftiest little ideas! Thanks for all the hard work you do to make it easier for other teachers!

    The Kindergarten Center

  7. I find that putting them on a shelf takes up less room. Like most people (I think), I tend to read certain books/themes at certain times of the year. So everything is on the shelf in order of the months/seasons...all my Beginning School books, Apples, Autumn, Pumpkins, Halloween, etc on through the year. I have simple dividers between them - a half of a file folder laminated - it acts as a "bookmark" of sorts. I don't have to label it because it's easy to see which books are on each side of the folder. I don't have to relabel shelves or worry about a bin that takes up too much room for the sparse amount of books in it. My bookshelf is smallish, though, and can only hold my themed books through February. I keep my March - June books in 2 boxes at home. I don't want to have to "live" with them all year so I just bring March/April in when I need it and May/June later on - then take them home. It works for me! (Of course, this does NOT include alllll the other "fun" books I read nor does it include the books I use for "student book boxes".