Two things to make you laugh….


We drew pictures of what we did in the morning (day) and what we did at night.  Here’s how this conversation went:

Me: “Tell me what you do during the day.”

Kinder: “I get dressed.”

Me: “Okay. Why don’t you have any clothes on?”

Kinder:  “You have to be naked to get dressed!”

Made me smile Smile


I laughed out loud at this one….."not tooting gas….” he he!

It’s nice to have those little laughs when the stress of this starts to take hold:


Anyone else working on benchmarking right now?  When those are done, it’s on to end of year assessments…

So, I know there have been server issues on TpT tonight, so I’m extending my sale through tomorrow! I hope to stock up on some of the things that I wasn’t able to purchase tonight too!


  1. I love it! Kindergartners are the best! I laugh all day long.

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  2. Adorable Kathleen! Thanks for posting :)

  3. So funny! We are talking about day & night this week too. Kinders are just hilarious!

  4. Ha! And this is why I love teaching kindergarten. I overheard two of my kids having a debate about me if I was really a grown-up or not. One boy said "She's not a grown-up, she's just a kid cause she's not even married!"

    Cracked me up. :)


  5. Thank you for sharing!! I really needed a laugh this morning! I too am full of assessment craziness in kindergarten right now.