Thanks for stopping by and visiting my new teaching blog!  I hope to pass along great tips and ideas for reading and writing development in Kindergarten!  To start things off, I am going to take you a little tour of my classroom.  Hope you enjoy!

Our class meeting area.  I do my daily calendar on our ActivBoard, but also have a Lakeshore Learning magnetic calendar up so I can remember the date, and for substitutes to do the calendar when I need to be absent.

I found these sweet little chairs at TJ Maxx this spring.  Can you believe they were in the dog bed section?  The shelves hold our daily calendar books, our word family/list notebooks (more on those later in the year!), whiteboards, and other miscellaneous supplies in the green baskets.
This is an idea from some of my brilliant kindergarten teacher friends! We took the legs off of the table (stored them under the sink so they wouldn't ever get lost!) so kids can sit on the floor and work here during literacy centers.
This is our word wall.
The cars are our name word wall, and the realia word wall is right next to it.  We will be adding to the realia wall next week.


  1. Your room is very bright and cheerful - the arrangement is very precise. I can definitely see a traffic pattern. The step to reach the Smart Board is a good idea. I really LOVE the idea of taking the legs off of the table, too! My list of "to do's" is getting longer and longer!

  2. thank you! I sometimes think I think about my room too much! I usually get bored about midway through the school year and have to change it around! It seems to be working really well so far, so I think I might leave it! The step for the IWB is such a great thing - in years past I would always have to lower the "window" on my computer so the kiddos can reach. A friend of mine has a much larger platform. Our special ed. dept has just gotten new IWB's that raise and lower -- soo cool!

  3. Where did you get the colorful squares kids sit on?

  4. The squares came from Sam's Club

  5. Now following...can't wait to use all of these great and cute ideas!