Rocking and Rhyming!

hip hop alphabopWe love to sing and rhyme in our classroom.  One of our favorite songs to jam out to is Jack Hartman’s “Make a Rhyme, Make a Move” from his Hip Hop Alphabop Volume 2 CD.

As a quick time filler, I put some of the miniatures from the Lakeshore Vowel Teaching Tubs into a basket and pass one out to each child.  Make sure that you have enough sets of rhymes for the children in your class.  So, if I have 18 kids, I will put 9 rhyming pairs into the basket.

Vowel Teaching Tubs

We sing this song:

rhyming basket pic

Yes, it’s kinda corny (ok, really corny), but you have to be corny with Kinders! (You can download it by clicking on it!) The cute clipart is by Lauren Thompson of the First Grade Diaries.

We also rocked out with a little Queen-esque rhyming.  Yes, really corny, but the kids LOVE it.  Channel your inner Freddy Mercury and sing on.

rhyme time song

I pass out the cards to the kiddos (you can use the little miniatures too) and have them find the person with their rhyming match.  I call up groups of 2 and we sing the song with their rhymes.  Oh, and you totally have to get the rhythm going with lap slaps and claps! (You WILL hear them chant it for the rest of the day!)

Click on the image for the download!

What’s your favorite activity to practice rhyming?


  1. Songs are great, because they stick with ya! Super great stuff here, you are doing a nice job!!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  2. we love make a rhyme,make a move, too! i love your little chants-too cute!gosh, we do so many things with rhyming-games, songs, puzzles. i guess our favorite thing to do is just make up words that rhyme- real words and nonsense words-sometimes they are are so funny and sometimes almost ugly words. :)

  3. I send home a rhyming bag with on child every day. They have to put a small item in it and we guess what it is. The poem with the bag goes like this, "I don't mean to brag, but I have something in my bag. If you listen to this clue, I'll bet you guess it, too?
    (Don't remember where I got the idea from-Not mine) Yesterday one of my students brought in a gourd and used the rhyming word bored. It was challenging! It's like a mini-show and tell activity!

  4. I love rhyming and now I have some new, fresh and TOTALLY cute activities to reinforce it... thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the songs! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great idea. Those tubs have been on my wish list for years, lol. I love the songs! I am going to try them out with my class next week. Thanks for sharing!!
    <>< Crystal

  7. Adorable! You can never sing too much or get too corny with Kinders! That's what I love about this age! Great idea to use the Lakeshore miniatures. Thanks for sharing. Renee

  8. Thanks for sharing! One can never have enough rhyming activities up one's sleeve...gotta keep it fresh!

  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Thanks for all the great stuff!! I enjoy your posts and great ideas!!!

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  10. Question....what are the words to use with the pig, the hair, the cup, and the ladybug